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Client Care Program Survey Results

Client Care Program

The Results are in!! The number 1 thing voted by You that would be of most value is…

Meraki Moving Truck!!

Our Current and Past Clients will have Free Access to a moving truck at their convenience!

At each closing, a portion of profits will be put in savings in order to pay Cash for a used moving truck.

We’ve estimated we will need to build the Client Care Account to $10,000. Our goal is to do this and purchase the truck before January 1 2018.

There’s More…We’re Naming All 3 as Winners!!

There was still a lot of votes for the List of Local Home Pro’s as well as the Referral Program and we still want to provide everyone with the Most Value, so we’re naming all 3 options as Winners!!

More Information & how you can take advantage of our Client Care Program:

List of Referral-Only Local Home Pro’s

We’ve partnered with HomeKeepr for an Easy to Access App for your phone with a list of Local Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Handymen etc as well as Huge Discounts on Flooring and more! We’ve gathered a great list and will be continuing to add to it, we would like your feedback as well if there is a category you don’t see and would like a recommendation for.

Click Here to Download your HomeKeepr App!

Referral Program – Here’s what you do:

When you hear of someone thinking about buying or selling a home in the next 6-12 months, simply call, text or email us their contact information to:

Reid Christner

806-290-3718 (Cell)

You will receive a thank you card with a $5 gift card for just sending us a name. Once we help your referral purchase or sell a home, After Closing we will send you a $50 Gift Card.

*This is the maximum we’re allowed to give as a referral fee per the State of Texas.

It is important that you Send Us their contact information. If you simply give them our info or business card, if they’re like me they’ll lose it and we’re committed to providing them with the service they deserve. If you’re unable to get us their contact information we request that you at least send us their name so we will be expecting their call and we can note who the referral came from & who to send the gift card to!


We’re blessed to be in business with you and look forward to providing you True Value! We appreciate everything you do for us and look forward to build relationships with everyone in our community!


Meraki Real Estate Group

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