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Difference Between a Carpenter & a Craftsman


What is the difference between a Carpenter & a Craftsman?

A carpenter builds things. A craftsman will put their love into it, they create a work of art, they put their heart, soul, spirit & passion into whatever it is they’re building. When you are a craftsman you are building greatness and building YOUR craft.

Here’s the question I have for you, are you loving what you’re doing? Do you truly care about it? Are you willing to put everything you have into it?

There’s a term for doing this, a Greek word it means to do something with SOUL, CREATIVITY & LOVE; to leave a piece of yourself (Your love) in your work, to leave something of you behind in everything you do, to leave YOUR legacy.

The term to describe this is Meraki. That’s what Meraki is all about. Putting ALL OF YOU into what you love, your passion.

View your work & family as a craft, you put into it and invest in it, so it will grow. Develop your mission in life based around your passion & you’ll succeed.

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