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CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocate

A “Casa” is a volunteer assigned to a child or multiple children in the foster care system and is an advocate for them. They help decide what is best for that child and make recommendations to the court on what they think is the best for that child & their future.

A Casa becomes someone in that child’s life they can depend on, what each kid in the foster care system needs most. A Casa will be able to volunteer time and help each child become the best they can be. The Casa Volunteer is the voice and the future for that child in the foster care system.

Potter & Randall County

Total Children in Foster Care System – 683

Current # of Casa Volunteers – 88

Current Children who have a Casa – 220

There are over 460 kids in Foster Care that do not have a Casa.

Casa would need 175 more volunteers to be able to provide each kid with a Casa.