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QL: Learn to Live Life By Design & Find Your Mission

KWKC’s Quantum Leap returns to Amarillo, TX

September 24th marks the 1 year anniversary of the launch of

QL: A World-Changer Mindset. 

KWKC is expected to impact over 2,500 lives around the world in 1 Day!

Mentioned by Baylor University for Entrepreneurship & Corporate Innovation!

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QL AttendeesQL Amarillo Young Adults Workshop

Are you ready to start living with intention?

What is the difference between a Carpenter and a Craftsman? 

A Carpenter builds an object and a Craftsman creates a work of art. A craftsman does something with soul, creativity & love. His craft is his passion, he puts this heart and soul into his work and leaves a piece of himself in everything he does. When you are a craftsman you are building greatness and building your craft, your legacy.

Here’s the question I have for you.. 
Are you putting all of you into what you love, your passion, everyday?
Are you willing to invest everything you have into it?
Most of us are not, we’re simply living a life by default, not by design.

If you truly want to Live Life by Design and live life to it’s absolute fullest, then I want to help get you started in the right direction.

I attended a program a few years ago called Quantum Leap that truly changed my life. Throughout the program I kept thinking, “man I wish I knew this stuff when I first started college, I would have been more intentional with my time.” During the program, they asked us to set a huge goal that we felt passionate about and not to worry about the details of getting there, just the end result. After struggling to come up with something it hit me, I want to be able to share this information and help others live their life by design.

This became my passion and now I have that opportunity. 
I am excited to announce that QL: A World-Changer Mindset is returning to Amarillo, TX on Saturday September 24th, 2016.

QL: A World-Changer Mindset empowers you to live life to its absolute fullest. 

Through personal stories, thought-provoking examples and proven models, we will help you unearth your personal mission and learn how to start living with intention. You will leave with a clear understanding of how to achieve what you want in life and simple but powerful principles that you can start using immediately to push past any obstacle you encounter!

Success leaves clues and so does failure. At the end of the day, you have to take care of yourself first or you’re no good to anyone else. You don’t have to go somewhere else to change the world. You will have a bigger impact on the world just by being a better you.

There are no promises in life, we’re not promised tomorrow. 
So don’t waste any more time, choose to start living your life today! 

Join us Saturday September, 24th to begin this World-Changing Mindset. 

Instructor: Reid Christner
Phone: 806-290-3718

Audience: Ages 18+
Time: 9am-3:30pm Lunch Provided
Location: 3955 S Soncy Amarillo, TX 79119
Keller Williams Realty Training Room

To Register Click Here!

Registration is Free. Cost for Materials: $25

Not able to attend and you would still like to make a difference in someone’s life? Please go to the link below and sponsor one or more students. Suggested donation of $25 – $150. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
KWKC is a 501(c)(3) educational Non-Profit Organization. It was founded to provide learning experiences that inspire big thinking, model wealth building, and instill a passion for generous giving.

Call or email with Questions! Look forward to seeing you there!

Course Content

Here’s What you’ll Discover when attending QL.

Revealing the Possibilities Within

Who’s Life Are You Leading?

It’s all about small Movements

What you Think determines what you Do

What you Do determines who you Are!

Unleashing the Extraordinary You

We’ll squash the LIES between you and Success

  1. Having Work-Life Blance is Bunk!
  2. Big is Bad: You can only go so far with small plans
  3. Success Requires a Disciplined Life: Creating Habits
  4. Multitasking Saves Time
  5. Willpower is on Will-Call

The Dilemma

We all desire to Know it all, Have it all & Do it all

How do we live without regrets?

What does Success Look Like?

We’ll look at the Science: Do you believe in Gravity & Air?

  1. Follow the path of Mastery
  2. Pareto’s Principle: 80/20 Rule 20% of what you do producing 80% of your results. What’s your 20%?
  3. How to Become Learning Based
  4. We will Remove Limiting Beliefs
  5. We’ll help you Choose to be Accountable
  6. No One Succeeds Alone

You become like the top 5 people you spend the most time with

How to be purposeful about your relationships and your inner circle

Maximizing Your Potential

How do you know your potential?

Your personal Life Mission: You’ll leave with a direction towards your life mission!

Difference between Goal and Mission

Purpose without Priority is Powerless

We’ll give you a Toolbox for What Matters Most: Goal Setting

  1. GPS – 135
  2. 4-1-1
  3. The Focusing Question
  4. Time Blocking
  5. Cycle of Accountability

The Rules of Money

How will you know when you have enough Money?

Wealth is a State of Mind

Successful Money Management

You can’t Save your way to Financial Success

The Path of Money

An Investment Path: Money Lives on the other side of Fear

F.E.A.R is False Emotions Appearing Real

Money won’t Change You, it will Expose You!

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