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Netting the Most Money from the Sale of your home Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

For Sale By Owner 

For Sale By Owner, or FSBO, is the process of selling real estate without representation by a real estate agent.[1] There are many factors to weigh when considering selling FSBO v. hiring an agent. Will I price it right? Who will prepare the documents? Do I really have the time and patience for this? Will I get in legal hot water? [2] One of the primary reasons owners choose to sell on their own is to avoid paying the real estate commission which can amount to a hefty sum.[3] In the US the combined fees for the listing agent, his brokerage, the buyer’s agent and his brokerage are, on average, 5 to 6% of the selling price of the property [4] Wikipedia Which for a $200,000 home is between $10,000 and $12,000.

The other thing for a Home Seller to consider is List Price to Actual Sale Price. Consider that Top Agents in your market could obtain a sell price at 99-100% of your list price. Average Agents & Discount Agents or Brokerages on average obtain a sell price at 95-96% of your list price. For Sale By Owners on average obtain a sell price at 90-92% of your list price. With considering a Top Agent’s List Price to Sale Price of 99-100%, after a 6% commission you’re obtaining 93-94% of your List Price. With considering the factors above and what you Net when using a Top Performing Agent/Team, in the end you could actually Net More money in your pocket vs selling with discount agents or FSBO. Though a 4% or 0% Commission obviously sounds better, you end up Netting Less. Netting the Most is More important than what you pay someone else.

What FSBO’s have said after trying to sell on their own for a while then Choosing to List with Meraki Real Estate Group. 

“Reid was in Canyon as well as Amarillo, we liked the reviews and number of homes Meraki sold this year & cute family pic 🙂 We had many other cheaper commissions offered but thought that might impact service and we needed to sell fast. Also the price per sq. Ft was more reasonable & accurate than other agents suggested. Reid didn’t harp on the fact that it didn’t have a pitched roof. If the realtor doesn’t see value in the home they will not be able to sell it.” We listed with Meraki on March 31st and had multiple offers within a few days and went under contract and closed within 29 days! – Krystal F.

“We had so many calls from Realtor’s trying to list our home for sale. Reid contacted us to see if we may be a buyer for one of his Seller’s homes. Reid was very honest and one of the first agents to contact us, he did disclose that he was an agent up front, many agents that called did not. He was very persistent and always called to check on us and provided us with a lot of information. We never felt pressured to sell and trusted that he wanted to truly help us. I knew if he was that persistent in working with us he would be that persistent in selling our home. He was very knowledgable and provided us with the information we needed to make the best decision for us.” – Vicki C. 

How can I net the most money when selling my home? Here is the Breakdown. 

Most Important Factor in Netting You the Most Money from the Sale of Your Home is:

List Price to Actual Sale Price….Not Commission!

What is List Price to Sale Price?

Example: You List your home for sale for $200,000 and Actually Sell it for $199,000 

you Actually Sold your home for 99.5% of List Price

We have sold over 700 Homes and average a 99.5% List Price to Actual Sell Price (L2S) 

How does this compare to selling a home on your own (For Sale by Owner, FSBO)

Or listing it for sale with a Limited Service or Discount agent / broker?

$200,000 1.01% $202,000 6% ($12,120) $189,880 Meraki Group
$200,000 99% $198,000 6% ($11,880) $186,1200 Average Agent
$200,000 97% $194,000 4% ($7,760) $186,240 Discount Agent
$200,000 95% $190,000 3% ($5,700) $184,300 Discount Agent
$200,000 92% $184,000 0% ($0) $184,000 FSBO No BAComm

How are we able to Net our Sellers so much more than an average agent?

We function on a highly proven and successful Mega Agent Team Model. This model utilizes Specialists in each area of a Real Estate Transaction. With each agent focusing on specific duties, it provides our Seller/Listing Agents more time to focus on getting your home sold for the highest price possible! You’re provided with a Team that accomplishes more 

than just the (3 P’s) the average agent does. (Put in MLS, Place Sign in yard, Pray another agent sells it)

Prospecting Based, Marketing Enhanced

Our Seller/Listing Agents Proactively Prospects for a minimum of 2-3 hours a day looking for buyers for your home 

and following up on Feedback from Showings to overcome any Objections a buyer may have. 

Our Listing / Marketing Specialist provides you with Professional Photography, Videography and 

Maximizes your Online Exposure by Marketing to over 1,000 Websites and Social Media Sites.  

By Daily Prospecting for Buyers, Constant Follow Up, Enhanced Marketing & Aggressive Pricing 

Your home is exposed to more Buyers and creates an “Auction” type effect and provides the opportunity 

for buyers to compete against each other, instead of competing against the seller. 

This “Auction” type effect raises the overall Sale Price, thus Netting our Sellers More Money!


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